Digi-Seal™ Server

Using Digital Signatures On Line

Every end user must possess a Digi-ID™ digital signature to sign personal files using Digi-Seal™. Alternatively, Digi-Seal™ can use a Digi-ID™ Server based digital signature to sign files as part of a transaction (e.g. online trading, gaming or workflow process).

Using Digi-Seal™ Service Online


Using Digi-Seal™ Server In-House


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Digi-ID™ digital signatures come from the Digi-CA™ Certificate Authority [CA] system. The end user/server then uses the Digi-ID™ digital signature to sign files, documents and on line transactions.

For on line, or browser based, transactions you should use Digi-Seal™ Server. This is installed software on your server with a thin client applet that is automatically downloaded to the browser. This is a 'one time only' action and occurs seamlessly without any end user action. Once the Digi-Seal™ applet is activated, the user can sign forms and file uploads at will.

Digi-Seal™ Demo'

For this on-line demonstration you should do the following:

If you experience any issues accessing the demo' from your computer or a mobile device, then in order to assist you further, use the online contact form and provide the following information:

  1. Your operating system vendor name and precise version
  2. Your web browser vendor name and precise version
  3. The Java Runtime Environment [JRE] version you use (must be equal or greater than 1.5.0)

Once we collect the above information, we will be in a better position to analyse the issue, that you may be encountering.

Benefits of Digi-Seal™
How it Works

Digi-Seal™ provides two separate pairs of javascripts that your web site designers will place on each form so that the functions will work correctly. Whenever any of the buttons on the forms are selected, the Digi-Seal™ applet will automatically select the correct certificate for the specific user and digitally signs the file before submitting the form.

Using Digi-Seal™

The user simply clicks the ‘Apply My Digital Signature’ button on the form and the Digi-Seal™ applet pops up to allow them to select the Certificate they want to use to sign the form.

Digi-Seal™ Compatibility

The Digi-Seal Client Applet has been successfully tested against the following environments with both Java 1.5.x and Java 1.6.x runtime environment (where available):

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