Using Digi-Seal™

Using the Digi-Seal™ Applet

PDF This section describes how to use the applet (Screenshots are on Mozilla Firefox 3).

  1. You must access a Web application form (see online demo)
  2. If a pop-up warning security dialog appears you must to choose “Run” to give permission to the applet (this can be avoided by purchasing a Digi-Code™ software signing certificate and signing the applet)

  3. IMAGE

  4. You have to complete the Web form (which could contain files for uploading)
  5. If form contains files to upload you must click “Browse” button and navigate to file. If there is terms and conditions check the checkbox
  6. Click a “Sign” button. Here the signing applet is invoked

  7. IMAGE

  8. Will pop-up dialog window, where you must select certificate keystore file by browsing to him. Then enter the password for your private key and click “Sign” button.


  9. The applet uses the user's private key and public key certificate to generate a signature of the completed Web form and stores the result in a PKCS#7 SignedData object. The result PKCS#7 object contains:
  10. The applet encodes the calculated PKCS#7 object using the Base64 algorithm and stores the result string in one of the Web form fields

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  12. When click “Submit” button the form (along with all files for uploading and the calculated signature) is submitted to the Web server
  13. A server side application processes the form by verifying the signature and optionally storing the form data and its corresponding signature in a SQL database