Digi-Seal™ Service

Using Digital Signatures On-Line

Digi-Seal™ Service is an on-line system that uses Digi-ID™ digital signatures to sign PDF documents. Digi-ID™ digital signatures come from the Digi-CA™ Certificate Authority [CA] system. Once the end user has their personal Digi-ID™ digital signature, they can use it to sign PDF documents using the on-line Digi-Seal™ Service.

Using Digi-Seal™ Service Online


Using Digi-Seal™ Server In-House


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Digi-Seal™ Service is a 'signature server' that acts like a responder. Using the Digi-Seal™ Service API, you can seamlessly connect any workflow or document management system and offer digital signature and signing capabilities with ease.

Benefits of Digi-Seal™ Service
How it Works

Once you have purchased credits on the Digi-Seal™ Service, you can either:


Each signing instance/transaction uses one Digi-Seal™ Service credit. If you have no credits, you will be prompted to purchase more.

Digi-Seal™ Service Capabilities
Digi-Seal™ Service works in all of the following browsers:

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