Certificate Classes

Different Classes of Digi-SSL™ Certificates

PDF There are four main classes of Digi-SSL™ Certificate and these are explained in the following sub sections:

Digi-SSL™ Xs

The Digi-SSL™ Xs is for low/no value transactions. For corporate users and commercial websites the Digi-SSL™ Xp or higher class Digi-SSL™ is recommended. The Digi-SSL™ Xs should only be used to authenticate your site to visitors and although technically it can also be used for encrypting data submitted through the site, without the additional insurance cover offered by the higher classes of Digi-SSL™ the value of the transaction is not important.

The Digi-Sign Certificate Practice Statement [CPS] v3.7, Sub section 2.4.1.a and 5.32.1 both state that the maximum warranty associated with a Digi-SSL™ Xs certificate is €0.01. So if your information is worth more than €0.01 and you require warranty protection, you should only use the Xs Certificate to authenticate your website. This does not mean you can’t use the Xs for encrypting data, it only means that in the event of a fault in the Digi-SSL™, you have no warranty.

Digi-SSL™ Xp

The maximum warranty associated with the Digi-SSL™ Xp or Xg Certificate is €10,000. The Certificate Practice Statement v3.7, Sub section 2.4.1.b and 5.32.2, both state clearly that this is for corporate or professional use and carries a warranty in the event of failure.

Other Differences between Xp/Xg & Xs would be that

Digi-SSL™ Xg ‘Wildcard’

Digi-SSL™ Xg Certificates are only supplied in specific cases where multiple hosting specifications require flexible naming within the Digi-SSL™. This specialist configuration can include multiple Common Names within the same Certificate, wildcard facilities or a combination of these requirements.