Extended Validation

Digi-SSL™ Xe Extended Validation SSL [EV SSL]

PDF Digi-SSL™ Xe Certificates are Extended Validation SSL s[EV SSLs] and were released into the market in 2007 in response to the new initiative from Microsoft® and IE7.0 where the presence of an Digi-SSL™ Xe on the server causes the IE7.0 address bar to turn green as a means of indicating to the user that the SSL is a high assurance EV SSL.

Extended Validation SSL Certificates give high security Web browsers information to clearly identify a website’s identity. When a user, with a Microsoft® Internet Explorer 7, visits the website the address bar turns green. A display next to the green bar will toggle between the organization name listed in the certificate and the Certificate Authority (Digi-Sign, for example). Firefox and Opera have announced their intention to support EV SSL in upcoming releases. Older browsers will display the EV SSL Certificate just as it does existing SSLs 9i.e. no discernible difference, but equally, no errors are caused).

The benefits of EV SSL are easily understood when high profile incidents of fraud and phishing scams and concerns about identity theft are considered. Before the user enters sensitive data, they want proof that the website can be trusted and that their information will be encrypted. Without it, they may decide not to do business with your site. High security browsers and EV SSL Certificates provide the assurance of extended third-party verification combined with a clear visual display that gives consumers the confidence they need to do business with you.

The high assurance SSL or EV SSL offers the website user is a competitive advantage on the internet. For organizations with a high profile, using EV SSL is the most effective defense against phishing and other Internet scams. When users see the green bar and the name of the SSL vendor, their confidence in the security and integrity of the site is naturally improved.