Single Server Digi-CA™ Server Xs Installation Schedule

PDF The following is the time required to install a single server Digi-CA™ Server Xs system without a HSM. Backup server is optional.

Days Project Part Persons Description

0.5 Server Configurations

0.5 RA Core configuration, Digi-CA™, RA and Public services configuration

0.5 Network connectivity and service accessibility tests

0.5 Root and Intermediate CA Key Ceremony

0.5 Digi-CA™ Administration Training

0.5 RA Training

3 Total Project Installation Time

Note: This installation can be conducted by two personnel, a qualified IT person and a Network Engineer. Alternatively, Digi-CAST2™ can conduct the installation and in some cases this can occur from outside the environment using virtual access (this means there is no on site visit required).