Introducing Digi-CA™

The ‘user-friendly’ Certificate Authority

PDF Digi-CA™ is the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system for organisations that would like to own and manage their CA inside the organisation. The CA issues the Digital Certificates that are used for two factor authentication, electronic signatures, device-to-device authentication, National ID Cards, Machine Readable Travel Documents [MRTD], smart cards and ID Cards and many other network, online, web and physical security environments.

Digi-CA™ replaces older Legacy Digi-CAST™ methodology with Digi-CA™ can meet all national and international standards such as: Common Criteria, Sarbanes Oxley, SB 1386, BS 7799-3:2006, ISO 17799, FFIEC, HIPAA, ACSI 33, 1999/93/EC, ANSI, CWA 14167-1, ETSI 101 456, EAL, FIPS, RFC, ICAO, MRTD, CONOPS, ALGO, Gramm-Leach Bliley and many other compliance and certification requirements.

Small and medium sized businesses, large corporate, government, local government, Trust Centres, statutory bodies, security companies or any enterprise that wants to use Digital Certificates, should carefully examine the true benefits of using this radical new technology.

The Digi-CA™ system can issue, revoke, suspend and re-sign x.509v3 Certificates. The end user information and certificate request is entered through the web-based Registration Authority [RA] called the Digi-CA™ Control Centre. It is the Digi-CA™ Control Centre that is used to control all day-to-day administrative functions. Time stamping, Online Certificate Status Protocol [OCSP], customized Certificate Revocation Lists [CRLs] and many other options can be incorporated into Digi-CA™ on request.

The Digi-CA™ suite of CA systems offers the following benefits:

This online manual is the resource for the many different users of Digi-CA™ system and is suitable for both the technical and non-technical reader.