Applying for Digital Certificates

Digital Certificate Processing

PDF Digi-IDs™ are requested by the end user at the Enrollment Application Form or by the Administrator (on the users behalf) using the Digi-CA™ Control Centre.

From the Digi-CA™ Control Centre, all Digi-ID™ requests are either entered into the database on an individual basis, using a batch upload file or automatically, depending on the Class of Digi-CA™ you are using. Similarly, all requests for Digi-IDs™ are accepted, rejected or deferred either manually or automatically, depending on the Class of Digi-CA™ you are own, using the RA Control Centre of the Digi-CA™.

The Digi-CA™ system automatically generates a Certificate Signing Request [CSR] if the requesting party did not already supply one and then generates the Digi-ID™. The generation is done in batch processes according to schedules set in crontab. The default is to run the process every hour.


After generation, the Digi-ID™ is activated at the users PC or it can be delivered by email as a .p12 file. Storage of the Digi-ID™ can be on the PC or any suitable media such as a Digi-Card™ or a Digi-Token™. Similarly, the Administrator can pre-install the Digi-ID™ on the Digi-Card™ or Digi-Token™ prior to dispatch. This is particularly convenient where the Administrator wants ‘Zero Touch’ at the user’s location.

The method of distribution is set in the database at the time of the validation. The default is that Digi-IDs™ are distributed over the web, with the Digi-IDs™ holder getting an email containing a one-time password needed to pick it up.


If the billing module is installed, this module is updated with information and then passed on to your billing system.