Revoking Digital Signatures

Digi-ID™ Digital Certificate Revoking

Digi-ID™ Revocation

PDF All Digi-ID™ revocations are initiated either by the user or by the Administrator. Revocations are required for a number of reasons, for example:

      1. the user has lost the PC or media where the Digi-ID™ was stored.

      2. the user no longer has any affiliation with the organisation that issued the Digi-ID™.

      3. the user changed position in the organisation and no longer has any right to the Digi-ID™.

      4. the Administrator believes a Digi-ID™ has been misused.

      5. the Administrator believes a Digi-ID™ used to misrepresent the organization that issued the Digi-ID™.

The following sub sections detail how Revocation requests are made and the resulting actions and uses for this important feature.

Revocation Process

The following diagram explains the events that occur within the Digi-CA™ and how a revocation request is executed: