Preparation & Configuration

Outline Requirements for Digi-CA™

PDF After the environment has been prepared and the Certificate Policy (and in the case of Xg the Digi-Sign Certificate Practice Statement) agreed, the software is configured. Software configuration may be as simple as designing the SSRoot & Intermediate Certificates or it can be a complex environment requiring compliance and standards, integration and application development.

A simple configuration can be completed in 2-3 days with full-scale projects running into several months of configuration, documentation and implementation. The following descriptions are provided here as guidelines only:

  • Digi-CA™ Service Xs for two factor authentication access to an online subscription service for 5,000 users with no integration necessary

Configuration Time: 2 Days

  • Digi-CA™ Server Xp for device-to-device authentication with 200,000 devices and a single API development for integration is required

Configuration Time: 25 Days

  • Digi-CA™ Service Xp for 10,000 users for email communication signing, workflow signing and extranet access

Configuration Time: 5 Days

  • Digi-CA™ Xg Trust Centre requirement conforming to ANSI, ETSI and other national standards for unlimited users

Configuration Time: 90+ Days


Once the software is configured, installation of the Digi-CA™ can begin. Subject to project scheduling, and Digi-CAST2™ availability, the following are indicative installation times. You should also note that the installation also includes Administrator and RA training:

                      • Digi-CA™ Xs 3-5 days
                      • Digi-CA™ Xp 5-10 days
                      • Digi-CA™ Xg 10-15 days

As Digi-CA™ Xg is usually a highly customized setup, the following sections focus on the installation of the Xs and Xp environments for Digi-CA™ Server and Digi-CA™ Service.