Service Setup

Managed Certificate Authority Requirement

PDF Ordering and operating a Digi-CA™ Service Xs or Xp couldn’t be simpler. All you require is a single internet enabled PC with Internet Explorer 5.5+ and the Digi-CAST2™ Team will either send you a Digi-Card™ and smart card reader or a Digi-Token™ USB token that enables you to access the Service or you will be permitted to store the Administrator’s Digi-ID™ in the Certificate Store of the PC.

Whoever logs into the system first is assigned PRIMARY Administrator status with access to all areas and functions of the system. The PRIMARY can invite other Administrators onto the system and may even reassign PRIMARY status to another person.


The Digi-CA™ Service ‘ownership’ is strictly controlled so that the identity of the PRIMARY Administrator is a carefully monitored process. Once the identity of this Administrator is Validated, they are invited to enroll for the Administrator’s Digi-ID™ and this used as two factor authenticated access to the Service. The first time this Administrator logs into the system, they must agree to the Terms & Conditions of the service by clicking the ‘I Agree’ log in button on the index page (see Appendix V.iii). This acceptance uses the electronic signature capability of the Digi-ID™ to sign the Digi-CA™ Service contract with Digi-Sign before permitting access to the system. All subsequent Administrators, regardless of their status, must also digitally sign the same contract but ultimate responsibility resides with the very first Administrator to access the system.

There are no other hardware, software or contracts required by the Administrators of the Digi-CA™ Service and, subject to the Digi-CAST2™ Production Schedule, they can usually order and receive their required system in a few days.