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Digi-Seal™:HelpDigi-Seal™ is used with the above product to provide a method of signing files, documents, PDFs and even workflows. Digi-Seal™ can be used on a server to sign e-Invoices, bills, statements, etc or as desktop software for an individual user to sign personal documents. Read More>
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Digi-SSL™:HelpDigi-SSL™ certificates are used with the above product to provide a secure connection to the server (i.e. over https://) and each server requires its own certificate. Multiple certificates can be managed using Digi-SSL™ Service
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TimeStamping:HelpTimeStamp tokens are applied to documents or transactions where an independent third-party verification of the time an event took place, is required. TimeStamp tokens are supplied as a service or from a server. Read more >
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