Digi-CA™ Shared

Digi-CA™ Shared
Optional Additions

Provides a backup system in the event of total failure of the main system, for disaster recovery purposes. Read more>

Select OCSP Server where instant revocation of user certificates is critically important to the security of your environment

TimeStamp Token Server, suitable for transaction timestamping. Learn about TimeStamping and decide if your environment or regulations demand this service

Select one of these options if you require a Key Ceremony. Read about Key Ceremony options and see if your environment requires one

There are two Support options: Unlimited annual support or ticket based support. Learn about the about the two options

Select 1, 2 or 3-Years as required, or order a 14 or 28-Day Free Trial. Read more > for a complete understanding of the Validity period

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Additional Certificates:HelpDigi-CA™ Server is supplied as standard with 100 multi-use certificates. Additional single use (e.g. for encryption only) or multi-use (e.g. authentication and digital signature, etc.) certificates must be ordered separately. Read more >
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Digi-SSL™:HelpDigi-SSL™ certificates are used with the above product to provide a secure connection to the server (i.e. over https://) and each server requires its own certificate. Multiple certificates can be managed using Digi-SSL™ Service
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TimeStamping:HelpTimeStamp tokens are applied to documents or transactions where an independent third-party verification of the time an event took place, is required. TimeStamp tokens are supplied as a service or from a server. Read more >
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