Obtaining Digi-Access™ Certificate

Obtaining a Digi-Access™ Client Certificate from Digi-Sign

3.1 Applying for a Digi-Access™ Certificate

To obtain a Digi-Access™ Client Certificate from Digi-Sign, you need to send an email request to
support@digi-sign.com providing your (or the end users) first name, last name and email address. Digi-Sign will then send you (or to any user you requested) a Digi-Access™ invitation email message containing instructions on how to apply for a Digi-Access™ certificate and the relevant Digi-Access™ web application URL.

NOTE: If you already supplied a full list of Digi-Access™ end users to Digi-Sign, you will not be requested to send a request email to our Support Department for each of these users.

Once entered the web application form the user is asked for specific personal information that is going to be inserted into his/her certificate.

Each of the above fields has an on-line help available explaining precisely how to fill it or which option to enable.