Digi-Access™ User Configuration

Setting up a Digi-Access™ User

Setting up a Digi-Access™ user requires a Windows Local or Active Directory Domain (depending on the Windows Server configuration) User account, and a Digi-Access™ certificate containing the public key.

Based on the TTM™ (Total Trust Management) agreement between Digi-Sign and the company which uses
Digi-Access™ facility, Digi-Sign will automatically send the user’s Digi-Access™ Certificate containing only the public key to the Digi-Access™ Administrator.
The user's Digi-Access™ Certificate file will be sent as an email attachment and should be saved on/uploaded to the Windows Server where the Digi-Access™ has been installed.

Further actions with the user's Digi-Access™ Certificate will be described later in this document in section 4.2.