Issuing a Digi-ID™ Signature for a Server

Step-by-step instructions for the Digi-CA™ Service Administrator

Once the Digi-ID™ certificate credits are assigned to your Digi-CA™ Service account, you may login to the system and follow the steps below to initiate the Digi-ID™ certificate application process (to issue the certificates one-at-a-time):

The above sequence will initiate an invitation email message to be sent to the email address you specify.

Note If you intend to use the Digi-ID™ certificates for server digital signing, we recommend that you enter some "friendly" email address in the relevant email address field, for example or an alternative email address that will be easily associated with server digital signing in your organisation.

Furthermore, this email address needs to be in operation and you need to have access to email messages delivered to this email address to complete the certificate enrolment and installation process.

Once you have enrolled for the certificate, you can approve the application through your service account by following the steps below:

Your approval will initiate the certificate issuance process and will result in a Digi-ID™ certificate activation email being sent to the email address you entered during the certificate enrolment phase.

Once you have installed your certificate, you may export it by following the instructions and later import into the server document signing application.