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Using your Discount Code when Ordering Through the Shopping Cart

If you wish to use our shopping cart to place orders and have been given a discount code, this is how you use it:

ARP Ordering Through the Shopping Cart

The preferred system for placing ARP members orders is either the main shopping cart on this web site, or your organisation's dedicated shopping cart, that is also on this website. They use familiar interfaces and also provide you with the ability to track and trace orders directly online.

Important Note:

Effective 1 January 2011, we will no longer support any Certificate Signing Request [CSR] generated with a 1024 bit key. This is because NIST, PKIX, WebTrust and other respective security standards no longer consider the 1024 bit key size as secure. Read more >

Digi-SSL™ Support

This is the main Digi-SSL™ Support page and provides all the main support pages you require to own and use your Digi-SSL™ Certificates.