ARP Online Accounts & Statements

Read these instructions for accessing & reading online account statements

As a member of the ARP Network, a dedicated invoice & payments statement system is set up for your organisation. Read the sections below to ensure that you understand how to access and use this
important service.

1. Login to your ARP Accounts System
1.1 Digi-Access™ certificate required   Access to your ARP Accounts system is protected by Digi-Access™ two factor authentication. To get your Digi-Access™ certificate complete this online ARP application form
1.2 Login to access the quotation system   The Log in page for the ARP Accounts system will require a username and password to access your specific account
2. ARP Accounts System Overview
2.1 Home Page   The ARP Accounts Home Page provides a summary of the current status of all issued invoices and all received payments from all Resellers that the Distributor manages
2.2 Full list of all
  From this home page the Distributor can choose to 'View All Transactions' for a breakdown analysis of all invoices and payments on the system
2.3 Specific Branch/ Reseller analysis   Alternatively, from the same Home Page, the Distributor can select a specific Branch/Reseller to review all transactions for that specific Reseller
3. How to Claim Commission Rebates
3.1 Claiming your commission

  Payment for Digi-Sign services is made in full according to the official 2X Digi-Sign price list. At the end of each month, it is your responsibility to invoice Digi-Sign for the commission(s) due from the previous month. All invoice should be sent in .PDF format to Payment will only be made by electronic funds transfer, so ensure you provide full banking details. Settlement of invoices is 30 days, end of month.
3.2 Important Note:-   You must issue the invoice for all commissions within 90 days from the date of the customer activation. Commissions older than 90 days that have not been invoiced will not be settled.
3.3 Important Note:-   Digi-Sign does not operate a manual debtors reminder service. Invoices are issued electronically by email. Reminder emails are sent periodically to advise you of outstanding accounts.

Payment of all outstanding amounts on, or before, their due date, as clearly marked on every invoice, is required and failure to pay outstanding amounts owing on invoices, on or before their due date may result in service to your customers being disconnected and/or discontinued without warning.