Error Customisation

Step 4 - Creating Custom Error Pages (IIS Only)
Microsoft® IIS servers are unique because they have specific default error pages designed to work with Digi-Access™ certificates. To enhance the user experience you should use the customised Digi-Access™ error 403 pages.
Allow 10 Minutes
The error handlers within IIS display default error pages depending on the specific issue that occurs on the server. The error message on each of these pages and their purpose are explained below.

Most error pages on IIS can be customised. The default 403 error pages that relate to the use of Digi-Access™ are stored in the C:\WINDOWS\help\iisHelp\common\ folder. The 2X Application Server Administrator should download the Digi-Access™ error 403 pages and place them in a new folder: (e.g. C:\WINDOWS\help\iisHelp\digi-access\ ). The server should be configured to display these new error pages before being restarted to complete the setup procedure.

  Error   Description
  403.7   Access denied. SSL Client Certificate is Required
      The system is using Digi-Access™ two factor authentication and users must have a Digi-Access™ certificate to gain access
  403.12   Access denied due to certificate mapping configuration
      Digi-Access™ only uses mapping in highly integrated situations. In most instances, this error page will not display
  403.13   Access denied. The SSL Client Certificate was revoked or revocation status can not be established
      The specific Digi-Access™ certificate being used is invalid/out-of-date. The user must get a new Digi-Access™ certificate is required
  403.16   Access denied. The SSL Client Certificate is incorrect or is not trusted by the server
      The user has incorrectly selected a different type of digital certificate (i.e. not the required Digi-Access™ certificate)
  403.17   Access denied. The SSL Client Certificate has expired or is not yet valid
      The user's Digi-Access™ certificate has expired and they must request a new one from the Digi-Access™ system