Digi-Access™ VoIP

Protection Against VoIP Abuse

Voice over IP [VoIP] telephone systems are being hacked and phreaked on a daily basis. When this attack occurs on your system, thousands of international calls will occur in a single hour and usually it is days before the security breach is identified. The costs will be staggering and could have been easily avoided had your VoIP system been 'protected' by more than their current passwords.

The solution is simple and yet surprisingly, few organisations have implemented it. Most modern VoIP phones have firmware that is easily configured to require the use of a Digi-Access™ certificate. And without this certificate, the VoIP system will prevent any call, from any channel or any handset that doesn't have the specific Digi-Access™ certificate.

Benefits of Digi-Access™ VoIP
Simple Setup & Activation

There are only two steps in protecting your VoIP system using Digi-Access™ VoIP:

1. Change the configuration on the VoIP PBX to require that every handset must have a Digi-Access™ VoIP certificate
2. Simply install a Digi-Access™ VoIP certificate on every device that wishes to communicate calls/data through the PBX    
Extensive Compatibility

All VoIP phones that are certificate enabled are compliant with Digi-Access™. And as the VoIP PBX systems are stored and administered from web servers, Digi-Access™ is also compatible with 27 different servers, so adding this security to your VoIP system will be straightforward.

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