Intended Audience

The Audience of this Guide should have a basic understanding of computers, how to use office software, send and receive email and how to browse the internet.

Your Approach at Your Speed

Implementing a certificate Authority is not a ‘one size fits all’ project. Your requirement might be for a few hundred users with exceptionally high security parameters or you could be looking to authenticate several million hardware devices. The commercial organisation’s requirements are typically related to cost, benefit, risk and return whilst the government project is more concerned with statutory requirements, IT standards and compliance.

No matter how small or large your requirement, you’ll have restrictions on what your current environment can cope with; availability of staff; budgetary constraints and other parameters within which you must choose the correct CA for your organisation. You may want to be very ‘hands on’ at every stage of the project and even want to conduct some of the integration and even programming or you may decide you want us to do everything for you. Just as Digi-CA™ is totally flexible, so too is the Digi-Sign approach.