Digi-CA™ Server Xs Requirements

PDF These are the minimum suitable conditions for the correct operation of the single server Digi-CA™ Server Xs:

            • Dry area with good ventilation or air-conditioning if possible
            • Secure room or computer cabinet with restricted, controlled and logged access
            • Broadband or leased line internet access
            • Power supply with optional backup power supply
            • Availability of IT Professional (MCSE or higher/other on a part-time basis, 4-hour call-in contract will suffice) with good working knowledge of computers, networking and general knowledge of TCP/IP protocols

Server Xs Equipment Specification

These are the minimum equipment specification for the correct operation of the single server Digi-CA™ Server Xs:

            • 2 x Server: Dell®/HP®/IBM®
            • Processor: Intel® Pentium® III family
            • Memory: 1 GB RAM
            • Hard Drive: 15 GB SCSI/ATA
            • SCSI Controller (optional)
            • RAID Controller: RAID PERC 3/4/SC (optional)
            • 100/10 MB Intel® Compatible Network Card
            • CD-RW/DVD 4x Combo
            • Monitor
            • Keyboard
            • Router
            • Software/Hardware Firewall (optional)

Digi-CA™ Server Xs is supplied complete and ready for total install on the server but it must have a Unix or Linux Operating System [OS] pre-configured.

During the installation, the Digi-CA™ Server will use versions of the following software that will be hardened and modified by the Digi-CAST2™ Team during their installation work:

            • OpenSSL Cryptographic Toolkit
            • Apache Web Server
            • PHP Scripting Language
            • OpenLDAP Server and Client
            • MySQL Database Server

The previous list is provided for information purposes only.

Server Xs Network Configuration

These are the minimum requirements for the correct installation of the single server Digi-CA™ Server Xs:

            • Hardware as per Equipment Specification
            • 512Kbs network (via Internet) access to the server
            • VPN software installed and tested (optional)
            • VPN client software sent to Digi-CAST2™ (optional)
            • SSH interface to the server
            • ‘Root’ login credentials for remote server access

Server Xs Operating System

Digi-CA™ Server Xs can be installed on any Unix or Linux platform once it is compiled in advance. The Digi-CAST1™ Team will advise you on the best Operating System [OS] for your environment and here is a suggested list:

            • Sun Solaris 10.x+
            • Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4.x+
            • FreeBSD 5.4+