Digi-CA™ System Modules

PDF Whilst Digi-CA™ software can meet most complex requirements, in many scenarios it is often required to operate all PKI related services on a single dedicated server hardware. Digi-CA™ can easily meet this requirement and the diagram below illustrates overall logical and high level hardware architecture design of the basic infrastructure utilizing a single server to operate all Digi-CA™ PKI services. This unique feature of Digi-CA™ software suite provides not only a flexible range of possible configuration variations but allows organizations to slowly build their own PKI infrastructure from a very small environment, thus carefully control their expenditure related to purchasing and maintenance of hardware devices.

Digi-CA™ PKI System provides a wide range of PKI related functionalities and introduces a variety of services and features including:

  • Multi-CA system engine allowing operation of multiple Certification Authorities
  • Hierarchical CA operations
  • Cross-Certification management with external CAs
  • Certificate Generation service
  • Certificate Dissemination service
  • Certificate Renewal service
  • Certificate Revocation service
  • Certificate Suspension and De-Suspension service
  • Certificate Revocation List generation, management and distribution service
  • Support for multiple methods of certificate delivery
  • Support for multiple key pairs for different purposes bound to a single end entity
  • Certificate Profile Management
  • Certificate Policy Management
  • Certificate Expiration Warning Management
  • Key generation and management service
  • Cryptographic Service Provider
  • Time-Stamping service
  • Online Certificate Status Protocol
  • Multi-role administration and operation of the CA infrastructure provided by a multi-task web based CA Administration Management Console.
  • Interface to Registration Authority provided by a multi-task web based RA Management Console.
  • Certificate Subscriber Registration provided by Registration Authority Registration Service
  • Event logging and auditing service
  • Support for HSM device(s)
  • Vendor independent support for a variety of Smart Card and USB Token cryptographic devices