Digi-CA™ Server Xg Requirements

PDF The Digi-CA™ Server Xg is completely customizable and can be installed across many servers, even if they are in different locations. As stated, Digi-CA™ Server Xg customisation, configuration and testing is conducted off site after detailed requirements are documented and agreed with the customer. This off site work can take several weeks, or months, depending on the level and scale of the customisations required.

As an example, when Digi-CA™ Server Xg is used to build a Trust Centre, a minimum of four servers are required and if the correct internet connection and a VPN can be provided to the servers, it is possible that much of the preparation and network testing prior to the installation of the software can be carried out virtually. However, the Digi-CA™ Server Xg will require at least one site visit from a Digi-CAST2™ Team Member to conduct certain specialist tasks.

The benefit of using the VPN connection as much as possible during this preparatory work is that it reduces the cost of travel and accommodation. When examining each of the following three sub sections you can consult with the Digi-CAST2™ Team at any time to check configurations and access for you.