Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system

Digi-CA™ replaces older Legacy CA systems using the latest in CA and PKI technologies and benefits from combining commercial and open source software initiatives. With Digi-CA™, all of the complexities and onerous technical overhead that were required by Legacy CAs have been simplified to a ‘user-friendly’ and usable level.

By combining the consulting and professional services offered by Digi-CAST™ with the functions provided by Digi-CA™, can bring an organisation to a highly professional PKI level, meeting the criteria for internationally recognised accreditation standards such as WebTrust® and ISO 27001 certifications.

Compliance to international standards   Digi-CAST™ follows the international industry standards for PKI and CA systems so that is can easily fit into almost any certificated IT infrastructure and work seamlessly within that environment. This compliance to standards is important when considering current requirements and potential future requirements too
Programming language   All components of the Digi-CAST™ system kernel have been developed in C on Unix and this is considered the most stable, secure and efficient language and operating system for the development of PKI & CA systems
Centralised Management   Web based ‘system management centre’ for all operated CAs, RAs & LRAs makes it ideal for operation as an installed standalone CA system or as a Managed CA
‘‘futureproof’   By its very design, the entire Digi-CAST™ system can be in house, totally out sourced or a combination of the two and this can be decided at any stage during the life of the system. So you can purchase what it needs today, safe in the knowledge that you can easily migrate and move all or part of the system to the Managed CA alternative to meet your future demands
Ease of integration   Whether now or in the future, because it is LDAPv3 compliant, Digi-CAST™ can publish X.509 certificates and certificate Revocation Lists [CRL] to other directories. This is a significant factor when considering integration with existing or future environments
Scalability   Digi-CAST™ can scale, easily and with minimal/no interrupting of live operations. This is important when considering the future growth of your requirements. It is also possible to add additional hardware to expand the system capacity and services and to conduct cross certification
Continuous operation   When considering the future growth of your requirements, live production can continue uninterrupted while adding more CAs, RAs and LRAs. These capabilities ensure the CA remains operational and without interruption throughout
Customisation to your requirements   Custom multi-layer CA hierarchy, RA and LRA distribution can be modified, extended and changed at any stage and again, this can be done without affecting the operation of the live environment
‘look & feel’ customisation   The entire Digi-CAST™ system interfaces and all its levels can be easily changed using Cascade Style Sheet [CSS]. This ability to completely change the ‘look and feel’ of the system eases the deployment to your end users because they know you but may not be familiar with the CA vendor. It also helps with integrating into web sites and other online systems seamlessly
Multiple Languages   Language localisation is “plug n’ play” for displaying all interfaces in your desired language(s). This further helps the deployment to end users and reduces ‘help desk calls’ (where users are really looking for translation of help files, etc)
Custom profile, enrolment & DN capabilities supplied as   Certificate profiles and enrolment policies can be customised and therefore full custom certificate subject Distinguished Name [DN] attributes and certificate extensions are possible. This is particularly important
standard   when meeting national & international standards and the cost of providing these capabilities from other systems can be considerable
CA Flexibility   Ability to operate multiple independent CA hierarchies from a single system instance without the need of installing multiple software applications on multiple server computers to run each CA hierarchy
RA Flexibility   Multiple independent Registration Authority [RA] instances from a single system without needing to install multiple applications on multiple servers to run each RA
100% browser independent   100% certificate enrolment web browser platform and operating system independency
Root CA cross certification   Digi-CAST™ offers the capability of cross certification between the your Root CA and any other CA
Trusted Root capability   Also it can be cross certified by a Trusted Root CA of issuing trusted SSLs and secure, signed and/or encrypted email
Best training & knowledge transfer   With the largest online searchable PKI & CA KnowledgeBase, the extensive documentation offered, the Digi-TaSC system and the many different types of training offered, this proposal offers the most comprehensive that programme for your personnel
Overall most capable & most competitively priced   Digi-CAST™ achieves the best blend of meeting your current requirements and possible future ones too. It’s highly customisable and flexible features means it will meet future demands easily, without incurring downtime, service interruption or unwieldy costs