Entity Registration

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system

The Entity Registration Service [ERS] Service Module is the central graphical user interface [GUI] provided to End Entities for user account and certificate related activity registration purposes.

The following table presents a general overview on the functionalities provided by ERS.

ERS functionality overview
End Entity initial account registration   End Entity certificate status reporting
End Entity certificate request registration   End Entity certificate collection
End Entity certificate revocation requests   End Entity certificate replacement
(re-issuance) requests
End Entity certificate suspension requests   End Entity certificate de-suspension requests
TSA client token reporting    
Certificate & CRL Dissemination Services [CCDS]

The Certificate & CRL Dissemination Services [CCDS] Module is a software application that ultimately provides dissemination service for End Entity Public Key Certificates, Key Pairs and Certificate Revocation Lists.

From an Operating System perspective, the CDS is a client application to the CA database server. It sustains a persistent connection to the database from where dissemination requests are loaded and subsequently served. The following table presents a general overview of the functionality the CDS module is designed to provide.

CSP functionality overview
End Entity public key publication in LDAP directory   CRL publication in web repository
End Entity public key distribution   CRL distribution
End Entity certificate expiration notification   TSA Client notifications