Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system
Backup & Disaster Recovery

The following services are only required on certain versions of Digi-CA™Server. This is because in the case of Digi-CA™Server Xg, fail-over and load balancing are component parts of the overall system delivery and parts of the overall system delivery of Digi-CA™Service.

Fail Over on Digi-CA™Server Xs

Fail-over is where a second system is enabled so that if the primary system ceases to function for any reason, the fail-over, or second system, temporarily assumes the primary role until normal service can resume. As Digi-CA™Server Xp and Xg are automatically supplied with fail-over, this is the only version of Digi-CA™Server where fail-over must be ordered separately (and is a good reason why most customers order Digi-CA™Server Xp).

Load Balancing on Digi-CA™Server Xs & Xp

Load balancing is where a minimum of two machines are configured so that all traffic across the system is balanced equally across the machines to ensure the highest performance of the overall system. Load balancing is only required where high volumes, or high production peaks, are expected in the einvironment.