Unique Service

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system

The following services are only available with Digi-CA™ Service

Total Trust Management™ [TTM™]

Total Trust Management™ is much more than direct telephone support line or a dedicated Account Manager. Total Trust Management™ is the total out sourcing of your Digi-CA™ Service management, where Digi-CAST™ personnel effectively work for you and every aspect of the certificate life-cycle management is done for you.

We pioneered the Total Trust Management™ [TTM™] in 2004 and have been offering this valuable service to our customers ever since. Under TTM™ we act as the Trusted Administrator of your Digi-CA™ Service and carry out all of the duties of the CAMC and RAMC operator on your system. TTM™ is an option that is only available with Digi-CA™ Service.