Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system
Digi-CA™ Versions

Digi-CA™ Server is the CA Software that is installed on a server in a data centre or at the customer site. Digi-CA™ charges a ‘once off’ initial license fee that is based on the cost of the software, its configuration and installation and then the number of certificates required over the life of the product's use.

Choosing Digi-CA™ Server

Unless there is a very specific reason why your organisation must own and locate its own CA system, then Digi-CA™ Service will most probably meet all of your requirements. If ownership and specific geographic location are specific requirements, the Digi-CA™ Server is probably your best choice.

Once personnel are properly trained, they should be able to manage and administer the system with ease. Digi-CA™ Server also has the ability to be accessed using a highly secure Virtual Private Network [VPN] connection, where Digi-CAST™ personnel can assist with escalated technical matters using direct access to the system.

Digi-CA™ Server Charges

Apart from the initial license fee, the only other fees you pay are the annual license fee to cover upgrades, patches and application telephone support and optional annual support fees that can be purchased in ‘blocks of tickets’ where a single support case uses one support ticket until the case is solved.