Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system
Digi-CA™ Shared

Digi-CA™ Shared was a concept conceived by Digi-Sign in 2006 that has only recently been acknowledged by potential customers as a real alternative to providing Digi-CA™ Service. Although implementations of this concept CA are limited, the capability and the option are important.

Typical enquiries come from large industry or government agencies where ownership of the entire CA is not a requirement, but ownership of specific components is preferred (e.g. data files, HSMs or the requirement to have a complete, hosted disaster recovery system). When considering Digi-CA™, the availability of this concept may not be of paramount importance, but its availability may be very useful during the continued growth and expansion of the total environment.

Choosing Digi-CA™ Shared

Digi-CA™ Shared can be a dedicated instance of the Digi-CA™ Service that is completely separate from all other Digi-Sign systems; or it can be a combination of the Digi-CA™ Server system, hosted at a location of your choosing, with certain functions hosted by at one of our nominated data centres.

Digi-CA™ Shared Charges & Cost Considerations

Estimating the annual charges and other cost considerations for Digi-CA™ Shared is calculated on a case-by-case basis. For further information use this URL: