Digi-CA™ Selection Guidelines

PDF The simplest way to select the correct Digi-CA™ for your organization is to decide how many users you have (or in some cases the number of physical devices you need to identify). This should include employees, customers, partners or suppliers and the individual people that work in each of these areas that you wish to issue a Digital Certificate [Digi-ID™] too.

Another alternative is to look at the level of security that you wish to achieve. If the security is relating to corporate secrets, national security or can be regarded as critical, regardless of cost, then Digi-CA™ Xg may be the only option for you. The Digi-CAST1™ Team of professional advisors will guide you toward the optimum solution.

The most important benefit of Digi-CA™ is that every aspect of the final solution can be tailored to meet your precise user, security and policy requirements.

The following table can be used as a guide to assist in choosing the best Digi-CA ™ Server for your environment.

Environment Requirement Users Recommended Digi-CA™

Selecting the Correct Digi-CA™ for You

As explained in sub section, you should clearly identify if your user group is open or closed, what you want to use your Certificates for and whether you have the staff required to run and operate the Digi-CA™. If, having read sub section 2.6.4 that advises you on how to select your Digi-CA™, you are still not clear, then contact the Digi-CAST1™ Team and seek their advice before proceeding further. You should also read the ‘Top Considerations’ when selecting your CA as indicated in the following sub sections 3.8 - 3.10.