Certificate Policy

Certificate Policy [CP] Control

PDF The Certificate Policy for the Digi-CA™ is an important document because it clearly identifies the processes and procedures of your CA operation in a single document. It also adds to the credibility, security and acceptance when getting the people to accept and use your Digital Certificates. As you will see in Section 7, there is a standard recognized format for writing your Certificate Policy but we suggest that you don’t need to follow this RFC format unless your CA requires certification or accreditation. The Digi-CAST1™ Team will advise you on the best approach for your requirements.

In sub section, the Certificate Policy is the ‘Who, What, Where and How’ document that describes the principles of the Digi-CA™ usage and how they are to be distributed. This Certificate Policy is agreed before the Digi-CA™ is operational and all Digi-IDs™ must then be deployed in accordance with the Certificate Policy.