Usage and configuration instructions for this module are available in the following associated documentation: Digi-CA™Administrator Guide.

RA Management Console [RAMC]

The RA Management Console [RAMC] Service Module is the central graphical user interface [GUI] for operating Registration Authorities and managing End Entity Certificates.

he following table presents a general overview on the functionalities provided by RAMC.

RAMC functionality overview
End Entity account management   Management of RA user accounts
End Entity key pair life cycle management   Management of End Entity certificate policies
End Entity certificate request registration   End Entity Validation
End Entity certificate authorization   Activity Dual Control authorization
End Entity certificate revocation   End Entity certificate reporting
End Entity certificate suspension   End Entity certificate de-suspension
End Entity certificate replacement
  Management of TSA clients
Table 6.0

The RAMC is essentially a web based application designed to work with an instance of an Apache web server.

System users, such as RA Administrators and RA Operators can access the console interface only by using a web browser client application such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

The RAMC provides support for a combination of two user authentication factors: traditional username and password and X.509 certificate based client authentication, which is a feature enabled by the use of SSL/TLS communication encryption protocol on the Apache web server. RAMC allows you to decide what authentication factor should be used to authenticate console users or whether to use both authentication factors at the same time.

The console is capable of supporting multiple language locales.

The great advantage of this module is that it allows different RA users to independently access separate RA accounts at the same time using the same console interface.

To store and retrieve information, the console uses an interface connection to the CA database. The fact it is a web based application, makes it easy to deploy and protect on a common installation of an Apache web server.