Digi- CA™

The following table presents a list of Service Modules currently available within Digi-CA™.

Component Code Minimum Requirements Specification
Cryptographic Service Provider CSP Certificate & CRL Generation Services
Time-Stamping Gateway TSG Digital Time-Stamping Service
OCSP Gateway OCSPG Real time Revocation Status Service
CA Application Service CAAS TSG and OCSPG gateway services connector
CA Management Console CAMC Web based Certification Authority management
RA Management Console RAMC Web based Registration Authority management
Entity Registration Service EERS Web based End Entity Registration management
Content Dissemination Service CCDS Certificate and CRL dissemination management
The modular design of Digi-CA™allows its seamless deployment in almost every scenario:
  a where it is required to centralise all Module Services on a single dedicated server to reduce costs and where large certificate volumes are not a demand;
  b in a most complex environment, for very high volume certificate processing and where all Module Services are distributed separately to a number of server devices, most often in combination with network hardware load balancing, database data replication as well as hardware and software fail-over that combine to form the so called ‘High Availability’ model.

This unique feature of Digi-CA™software provides not only a flexible range of possible configuration variations but allows organisations to slowly build their own PKI infrastructure from a very small environment and carefully control their expenditure related to purchasing and maintenance of hardware devices.