Certificate Policy

The rules, methods and guidelines that specify how the Digi-CA™ will issue its Certificates and these processes and procedures are documented in the Certificate Policy [Certificate Policy]. The Certificate Policy is the ‘Who, What, Where and How’ document that describes the principles of the Digital Certificate usage and how they are to be distributed. This Certificate Policy is agreed before the Digi-CA™ is operational and all Digital Certificates must be deployed in accordance with the Certificate Policy. Appendix I is a questionnaire designed to assist in creating your Certificate Policy.

Digi-CA™ Xs, Xp & Xg

Digi-CA™ is delivered either as CA Software or as a Managed CA and it is available in three classes:

            3.13.1 Digi-CA™ Xs - Entry Level CA

            3.13.2 Digi-CA™ Xp - Professional CA

            3.13.3 Digi-CA™ Xg - Trust Centre CA