Digi-ID™ Options

Digi-ID™ Key Management Options

PDF The production of any Digital Certificate, from any provider, uses the same x.509 elements and the method that is used to inextricably link the Key-Pair to the Certificate we call the ‘Binding Option’. There are two different Binding Options that can be used when generating Digital Certificates and each one produces an inherently different CA environment.

With Digi-CA™, you can choose what type of Binding Option you prefer once you have a clear understanding of your environment and the affect of your choice. Digi-CA™ refers to the Binding Options as Disposable or Renewable and classifies the options in two distinctly different Digi-IDs™:

With Digi-CA™, you can choose the Disposable Digi-ID™ Binding Option most frequently used in Traditional CAs or you can use the more modern Binding Option that creates the Renewable Digi-ID™.