Digi-CA™ Server

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] software system
Installed Software Certificate Authority [CA] System

Digi-CA™ Server is a complete Certificate Authority [CA] system that is installed at a location of your choosing. Because only large organisations or government institutions, military environments and/or other specialist situations would warrant an installed CA system, most organisations use Digi-CA™ Service.

Before choosing to buy Digi-CA™ Server, examine the two other options of the Managed CA Digi-CA™ Service or the dedicated and hosted Digi-CA™ Shared.

Once it is clear that you must own and operate your own CA, then Digi-CA™ Server is probably your best choice. It is uniquely flexible and compares favourably to alternative Traditional CA systems

Benefits of Choosing Digi-CA™ Server
More Flexible   Traditional CA systems have evolved over time with many upgrades - all of from the same core application. This means they are dated and modifying them requires extensive, and expensive, specialist programming. As your requirements grow, making changes is not simple. Conversely, Digi-CA™ is probably the most modern and up to date CA system available anywhere. Completely built as a new application in 2008, this system is more current and flexible than any other CA you will encounter
Easily Customised   Custom build your Digi-CA™ Server system online now and you will quickly learn how easy it is to get the precise system you require. No other CA vendor could attempt to make this information available online because their systems' core design would prevent it
Transparent Pricing   The simplicity of Digi-CA™ Server means it can be delivered as a complete CA system that can operate on a single server. Later, it can be scaled to multiple servers, in multiple locations, to build the largest of PKI systems. Price your Digi-CA™ Server system online now

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Digi-CA™ Versions
Digi-CA™ Server Xs   This is the entry level CA system and is suitable for installation on a single server. Unless ordered with fail-over, load balancing and/or backup, this system is suitable for issuing thousands of certificates/signatures where interrupted service availability is not a concern
Digi-CA™ Server Xp   This mid-range system is also a complete CA and is installed on dual servers to ensure service availability and fail-over reliability. You can also order additional load balancing and/or backup, as required. This system is capable of issuing thousands of certificates where peaks in production cycles demand a certain degree of service reliability
Digi-CA™ Server Xg   This large scale PKI system can be installed on as few as four and up to twenty-four, or more, servers and is typically used where millions of certificates are required. As a large scale system, it comes complete with almost all the components required for environments like a National ID plant, or passport issuing authority. In almost every instance, this system will require a key ceremony and also certification to international standards. Even with all its complexity, Digi-CA™ Server Xg can still be customised and a provisional estimate calculated online now

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System Components

There are five primary components within the Digi-CA™ system, namely:

High Level Considerations

In deciding on Digi-CA™ Server, you should note that all systems are supplied as standard, with 100 multi-use certificates. Additional certificates must be ordered separately. Also, you will probably require some of the following additional components, add-ons or hardware:

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