Digi-CA™ Service

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system
Managed Certificate Authority [CA] Service

Digi-CA™ Service is a complete Certificate Authority [CA] system that is offered as a service, from outside your organisation. This Managed CA is ideal for almost all digital certificate and signature requirements and is probably the most cost effective CA system you can own.

Regardless of your ultimate objectives, it is probably the best to order Digi-CA™ Service, initially. You can always upgrade to the installed software CA, Digi-CA™ Server, at any time in the future.

Benefits of Choosing Digi-CA™ Service
No System Administration   As a Managed CA service, all of the back end administration, system monitoring, network security, patching, log analysis and service availability are all provided by the Digi-CA™ Service. Your personnel will only administer the CAMC occasionally (if ever). Their primary duties will be in administering the RAMC and even this can be outsourced by availing of the Total Trust Management™ [TTM™] service
Easily Customised   Custom build your Digi-CA™ Service system online now and you will quickly learn how easy it is to get the precise system you require. No other CA vendor could attempt to make this information available online because their systems' core design would prevent it
Transparent Pricing   Digi-CA™ Service is charged on a 'per certificate', 'per signature', or 'per user', per annum basis. Apart from any additional services you may require, there are no additional charges, whatsoever

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Digi-CA™ Service Versions
Digi-CA™ Service is offered as a single version only because the entire system is managed and delivered as a service. In selecting Digi-CA™ Service, you may start with only a few certificates and this can be scaled to millions, with ease.
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System Capabilities

There are six primary uses of the Digi-CA™ Service system, namely:

Additional Service Requirements

In deciding on Digi-CA™ Service, you should note that all systems are supplied as standard, with automatic fail-over and backup. Additional certificates can be ordered on an 'as needed' basis and you may require some of the following additional components, add-ons or hardware:

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