Total Trust Management™

RA Administration Service

We pioneered the Total Trust Management™ [TTM™] in 2004 and have been offering this valuable service to our customers ever since. Under TTM™ we act as the Trusted Administrator of your Digi-CA™ and carry out all of the duties of the Administrator to your system.

If you want to use digital signatures, or any type of digital certificate easily and simply, then TTM™ may be an ideal choice.

TTM™ Popularity

TTM™ can offered with any of the following Digital Certificates systems:

More than 'Gold Support'

Total Trust Management™ is much more than direct telephone support line or a dedicated Account Manager. Total Trust Management™ is the total out sourcing of your certificate management service where Digi-CAST™ personnel effectively work for you. Every aspect of the system's management is done for you:

The design and flexibility in Digi-CA™ makes it possible to have Digi-CAST™ personnel do this work for you and thereby freeing up your resources.

Examples of TTM™ Users

In Government, Public Authorities and large Public Service organisations, they choose to own the complete CA Infrastructure. The Digi-CA™ Server system and the TTM™ service means that the Digi-CAST™ personnel manage all the back end services and all contact with the customer. This ensures that ownership of the CA is retained but all day-to-day operations are outsourced under the TTM™.

In industry, the preference is for the outsourced Digi-CA™ Service and TTM™. This combination effectively means that everything is outsourced and delivered according to the agreed Certificate Policy [CP].

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