Identity, Authentication & Compliance in the Gaming Industry

Emerging regulations in the gaming industry require all service providers to comply with Know Your Customer [KYC] legislation and/or Anti-Money Laundering [AML] laws. KYC & AML require that gaming systems offer comprehensive identity, age and transaction validation.

This seemingly onerous set of requirements is easily addressed using our suite of identity and authentication solutions. There are three separate components required to comprehensively address these requirements, namely:

Members of the ARP network, gaming system vendors, operators and owners all benefit from this suite of compliance solutions, as explained below.

Step-1: Identity & Age Validation

Working in co-operation with the Global Data Company [GDC], instant identity & age validation [IDV] is now available in more than thirty-five countries.

The user's name and address details are entered into a web form as part of the user registration process. When the form is submitted, the data is passed through the IDV script on your website that connects to the IDV service. The IDV service then compares the data entered against the stored data to verify if the person is, who they claim to be.

IDV is a live database specifically designed to receive and respond to a large number of data verification requests. Data is collected, maintained and updated on a continuous basis and is always current. The actual data is taken from a large number of resources that are then cross checked for accuracy, as follows:.

Step-2: Binding the Validated Identity with an Authentication Certificate

Once the user's identity is validated, they can then be issued with a Digi-Access™ certificate. This then binds the user's validated identity with a digital certificate for authentication of their individual transactions on your systems.

By validating the users identity and then binding this to a digital certificate, you are following 'best practices' and complying with the emerging legal requirements in the gaming industry.

Step-3: Finalising Compliance with Digital Vaults & Transaction Signing

Further compliance with emerging legislation in the gaming industry also requires that 'digital vaults', detailing users' earnings, are maintained. The recommended method for correctly adhering to this requirement is to store, sign and timestamp each transaction.

Benefits of Our Gaming IDV & Authentication Suite

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