CSR Generation

Important Note:

Effective 1 January 2011, we will no longer support any Certificate Signing Request [CSR] generated with a 1024 bit key. This is because NIST, PKIX, WebTrust and other respective security standards no longer consider the 1024 bit key size as secure. Read more >

How to generate a Certificate Signing Request [CSR] on a server

The first part of enrolling for your Digi-SSL™ Certificate is to generate a Certificate Signing Request [CSR]. CSR generation is wholly dependent on the software you use on your webserver. Select your webserver software from the list below after reading the following general points:

General Points to remember before creating your CSR

The Common Name field should be the Fully Qualified Domain Name [FQDN] or the web address for which you plan to use your Certificate, e.g. the area of your site you wish customers to connect to using SSL. For example, a Digi-SSL™ Certificate issued for digi-sign.com will not be valid for secure.digi-sign.com. If the web address to be used for SSL is secure.digi-sign.com, ensure that the common name submitted in the CSR is secure.digi-sign.com

If your webserver software does not appear on the list, please contact support with full details of your webserver software and we will contact you with further instructions.