2X Digi-Access™ Enrolment Help for Mozilla Firefox

2X Digi-Access™ Enrolment Messages & Explanations

The Digi-CA™ Certificate Authority [CA] system that issues the Digi-Access™ end user certificates is compatible with most commonly used browsers. These support pages are provided for users that want to understand more about Mozilla screen warnings and/or other browser events.

All Users

The most commonly reported error message is an 'Internal Server Error' or 'Error 404 Page Not Found'. The reason for this error message is that the URL is not correctly entered into the web browser's address bar.

To avoid this issue, copy the entire URL, without any breaks, and paste it into the browser's address bar.

Other Enrollment Pop Up Dialog Messages

When collecting your Digi-Access™ certificate, depending on what version of Mozilla browser you are using and how it is configured, you may see the following two dialogs:

1. This warning is simply a reminder to you to backup your certificate. Although this is good practice, the specific Digi-Access™ certificate used for two factor authentication does not permit backing up. This prevents users from sharing or copying certificates and protects the integrity of the security being offered. If you should ever loose your Digi-Access™ certificate, for any reason, you can request a new one. You can ignore this message and simply click OK.

2. This message, in addition to being unclear, is not relevant. As above, the Digi-Access™ certificate used for two factor authentication is of a specific configuration that Mozilla is not 'familiar with'. It interprets the Digi-Access™ certificate installation incorrectly and presents this dialog. Again, you can ignore this message and simply click OK.

There are other warning messages in Microsoft® Internet Explorer® browsers because they use ActiveX controls.