Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system
Service Overview

Digi-Access™ Service is the simple to deploy and manage two factor authentication secure access method that can’t be compromised. In most cases, the issuing and management of the Digi-Access™ Service is simpler than administering a database of usernames and passwords. There are no specialist skills needed to incorporate it into your system(s) as most IT
systems are x.509 compliant and are already configured to work with Digi-Access™.

Digi-Access™ uses digital certificates to authenticate individual users to the server. More than 27 different server software systems that are compatible with Digi-Access™ (including most OEM versions). Within minutes, the server can be configured without the need for any additional software or specialist programming skills. Once activated, whatever section of the network or server needs protecting, all that is required is a simple Login button.

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system

Once this Login button is clicked, the browser automatically activates the client authentication dialog (a piece of software that is already embedded in most web browsers)

Competing Technology

Digi-Access™ competes directly with asynchronous number and One-Time Password [OTP] tokens like RSA® SecurID®, but this older technology. There have been many improvements since the original SecurID® idea, but the technology is still basically the same. In their favour, tokens are easy for the user to understand (it’s just a more powerful password) but the initial and ongoing costs are prohibitive. Tokens do provide good two factor authentication, but that’s it.

More and more organisations are moving towards digital certificates to solve their authentication issues because they are more flexible and provide additional functions (albeit they may not be needed immediately). If your Storage Type is the certificate Store within the browser, there are significant cost savings to consider.

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system
Digi-ID™ Service

The Digi-ID™ Service is used when you require digital signatures for workflow, forms and/or digital documents. Digi-ID™ certificates are also used for ID cards and tokens. With Digi-ID™ Service, each service you require is configured according to your precise requirements and tested before activation.

Regulatory Requirements

Digital signatures are becoming a regulatory requirement when considering digital documents and workflows in specific communities (e.g. European Union, gaming industry, HIPPA, etc.). There is no substitute, either your organisation continues to operate cumbersome paper based systems, or you digitise and authenticate them with a Digi-ID™.

Within the EU in particular, there is a specific requirement to use qualified electronic signatures that are a very specific type of Digi-ID™ that must be delivered on a Secure Signature-Creation Device [SSCD]. Digi-ID™ SSCD are issued for the Digi-ID™ Service system only, unless your organisation is prepared to achieve ISO 27001 certification and is willing to invest considerable sums in creating your own dedicated Trust Centre. If your organisation wishes to achieve qualified certificate status, then Digi-CA™ Server can deliver the PKI system you need to issue your own Digi-ID™ SSCD.