Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system

The Digi-CA™ is probably the most flexible and capable CA system available in the market today. Unlike the other Legacy CAs, Digi-CA™ takes advantage of the many advances in technology over the past seven years and you benefit by getting the flexible, cost effective and easily integrated CA system you need.

The Digi-CA™ still uses Unix in its certificate Engine core but by using the Open Standard Institute [OSI] initiative in other modules, Professional Services and upgrade costs are substantially less than those normally associated with the complex and costly modifications of the less flexible Unix Legacy CAs.

This section explains the design principles and also gives typical examples of previous customisations . The most important feature of Digi-CA™ is that your precise requirements can be delivered, exactly as you require.

Process Customisation

In the larger or more complex environment, the organisation may require a workflow process to control the use of the Digi-CA™ usage from a cost, security or for general management reasons. The following is an example of a customisation currently in use by a Digi-Sign customer for issuing Digi-SSLs™:

This type of customisation is not unusual but it does add to the initial cost of deploying a Digi-CA™ system.

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system

Process Automation

Every aspect of the Digi-CA™ can be automated. Examples of this would be where the certificates are being used to replace Usernames and Passwords for login to a secure website, to replace hardware tokens like SecurID®, to issue certificates for secure email on a closed network or to replace an existing Legacy CA with Digi-CA™.

Using the MCAM™ technology and capabilities, it is possible to use existing LDAPs or other databases such as Oracle®, Active Directory® or any other SQL or flat file format to automate the certificate issuing, renewal, suspension and revokation processes.

Migration from a Legacy CA

Using the authentication and validation certificate Policies from your Legacy CA, Digi-CA™ can migrate users automatically without requiring any IT resources or Administrators’ time.

Interface Customisation

The entire Digi-CA™ system and all of the interfaces used by the Administrators and users can be completely customised on request. Typical reasons for the graphical changes are for integrating Digi-CA™ into a larger application to make a complete package or the simpler integration of the Digi-CA™ into the organisation’s web systems or extranet.

Technical Specification & Help Files

The specification of the Digi-CA™ at the time of going to print is available in Appendix IV. All specification updates and technical help files are updated using the online support section of the Digi-Sign website located at