Service Level Agreement [SLA]

The Service Level Agreement [SLA] is critical to the continued success of the Digi-CA™ delivery model and central to this SLA is the Incident Management System [IMS]. The IMS is an automated system that escalates issues, without human intervention, and automatically notifies the user at each stage.

The IMS incorporates system and personnel reaction times with issue escalation times and then monitors each and every support issue to the successful completion as confirmed by the customer.

IMS Level Description Time Before Escalation Time Lapsed
Level 1 Incident Logging    
Level 2 Severity 1 Escalation 4 hours 4 hours
Level 3 Severity 2 Escalation 20 hours 24 hours
Level 4 Severity 3 Escalation 48 hours 72 hours
Level 5 Case Termination / Indefinite Suspension 48 hours 120 hours

The IMS automatically provides this level of service using the SLA table of IMS Escalation Levels.

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system

The IMS system is shared between your organisation and ours so that the correct delivery of the SLA is maintained. In this instance there are two components to the SLA delivery namely: the Public Interface, then the internal Support Case responsibility delineation and the IMS escalation.

Using the workflow and case escalation contained in the IMS, every case is still managed and monitored by the system, but the case may be resolved by multiple personnel in different organisations.

Further explanation of the SLA and how it is managed is available at the following URL:

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Numerous Governments around the world and countless internationally recognised organisations have commented on the effectiveness of the IMS.