System Consoles

Digi-CA™ Overview

There are four consoles in the Digi-CA™ system, namely:

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The focus of this document is on the Digi-CA™ Management Console [CAMC]. Separate documents and online support resources provide detailed information on the Registration Authority Management Console [RAMC]; the End Entity Registration Service [EERS]; and the Active Content Dissemination Services [CCDS].

Digi-CA™ Management Console [CAMC]

The CA Administrator’s Management Console [CAMC] is the web based Certification Authority management module that enables the CA Administrator to control the principal services of the Digi-CA™ system.

Registration Authority Management Console [RAMC]

The RA Management Console [RAMC] Service Module is the central graphical user interface [GUI] for operating Registration Authorities and managing End Entity Certificates. For further details, please visit

End Entity Registration Service [EERS]

The End Entity Registration Service [EERS] is the GUI where end entities (e.g. users, devices and services) interface with the digital certificates and digital signatures issues by the Digi-CA™ system. For further details, please visit

Certificate & CRL Dissemination Services [CCDS]

The Certificate & CRL Dissemination Services [CCDS] is a software application as described in various European Telecoms Standards Institute [ETSI] and CEN Workshop Agreement [CWA] Standards. Ultimately the CCDS provides dissemination for end entity public key certificates, key pairs, Certificate Revocation List [CRL] and Online Certificate Status Protocol [OCSP] services. For further details, please visit