Installations Time Lines

Sample Digi-CA™ Installations

PDF The flexibility of the Digi-CA™ Certificate Authority [CA] system design means that each installation is unique and customised to the precise needs of the customer. Once the Digi-CAST™ Team have agreed and documented your requirements, your Managed CA, Digi-CA™ Service or CA Software, Digi-CA™ Server, is configured and activated. In certain projects, your specific needs may require a combination of CA Software and a Managed CA, to achieve the best results. Uniquely and unlike any other Traditional CA system on the market, Digi-CA™ can offer the Shared CA option.

The following are samples of different CA projects that use the different Digi-CA™ options and also combine other valuable services like the Digi-CAST™ Methodology and consulting advice; the Total Trust Management™ [TTM™] CA Management service; and the Digi-TaSC on line system for CA Management and compliance.