Existing CA Transition Plan

Sample Digi-CA™ Transition Plan

The most substantial difference between Digi-CA™ and other Traditional CAs is the flexibility and capabilities that are central to the design of the PKI system. This capability of transferring from a different service provider is a powerful capability that is simply not available from alternative vendor.

Digi-CA™ allows for easy migration from one data centre, or system, in an almost seamless manner. The transfer can be accomplished either physically through hardware transportation or by secure software and data migration whereby all software and database data is securely migrated in an encrypted format from one location to another.

The following sub sections provide details of the suggested project implementation stages for the transition plan. The plan is subject to decision on the re-use of existing HSMs, or the export/import of existing CA private keys and other project implementation considerations that will emerge during the Preliminary Analysis & Requirement Measurement stage of the project (stage I):