Digi-CA™ Service In Detail

The Managed Service

PDF The principal difference between Digi-CA™ Service Xs, Xp and Xg is the level of integration and customization you require. For example, Digi-CA™ Service Xs is provided as a standard Service and there is no customization or integration offered. The Digi-CA™ Service Xp offers language localization of the Digi-CA™ Control Centre and the end user interfaces and Xg could be a highly integrated Service involving various databases, synchronization and other features.

There are seven versions of Digi-CA™ Service, each with self-explanatory names:

Each of these services is explained in detail in the following sub sections and the principal difference between Digi-CA™ Service Xs, Xp and Xg in each case relates to the type of Digital Certificate it issues and the degree of integration and customization required.


Digi-Access™ uses Digi-IDs™ to authenticate individual users to the server and all web server software (even OEM versions like Oracle’s®) work with it. Within a few hours, the server can be configured without the need for any additional software or specialist programming skills. Once activated, whatever section of the network or server needs protecting, all that is required is a simple Login button.

Once this Login button is clicked, the browser automatically activates the Client Authentication dialog (a piece of software that is already ‘bundled’ in most web browsers).