Deployment Introduction

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system

Digi-CA™is the complete Certificate Authority system for organisations that would like to have their own CA, like to own and manage a PKI for digital certificates inside the organisation or over the Internet. Digi-CA™generates and manages digital Public Key Certificates that are used for a variety of different purposes, most commonly for electronic signatures, natural person or device authentication and secure email.

The Digi-CA™system can create multiple instances of independent Certification Authorities in a single Digi-CA™system deployment. The Digi-CA™model imposes delegation of trust downwards from Root CAs to their Subordinate CAs that meets the concepts of layered hierarchy. The same Digi-CA™system also enables a CA to be cross signed by an external third party CA. As a result of this design principal, the Digi-CA™model for trust levels increases towards the highest authority. This type of arrangement facilitates easy deployment and scalability of any PKI requirement from the smallest to the largest.

Digi-CA™ the complete Certificate Authority [CA] system

Digi-CA™can be delivered as an installed Software CA, or as a Managed CA service. Uniquely, both the Managed Digi-CA™Service and the installed Digi-CA™Server software use the same common, core technology. This is important because in selecting Digi-CA™it is possible to begin with Digi-CA™Service and migrate to Digi-CA™Server with ease.

It is possible to use the distributed architectural design of Digi-CA™to implement the concept of a Shared CA where different modules of the system are hosted and managed in separate locations.